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“Our commitment is to our community. We live, play and raise our families in this wonderful South Jersey area each and every day. We love serving you with fresh and healthy products at an honest and fair price because we are your hometown neighbors and friends.”
Bruce Benton – President, B.W. Stetson

Our history

B.W. Stetson Company was incorporated in 1951 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Bridgeton, New Jersey. The new company was founded to allow the local bottling company to enter businesses which did not conform to the rigid Coca-Cola bottler franchise agreements of the day. These territorial agreements strictly limited the bottler to just one product, Coca-Cola, in only one package, the six and one-half ounce returnable bottle.The Company was named for its founder, Basil W. Stetson, then owner of the Bridgeton Coca-Cola bottling franchise. Mr. Stetson came to New Jersey in 1950 after purchasing the local bottling franchise from The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta.In 1971, Stetson was purchased from Coke by Harold Gunn, formerly chief operating officer of Coke. This change marked the beginning of its history as a fully independent, locally owned company.Stetson grew to be the leading vending company in a five county area of southern New Jersey. Company services and offerings included bottled water and coffee services, catering and manual cafeteria operations to customers in this same area.In 2007 the vending, catering and cafeteria businesses were sold, permitting Stetson to focus on bottled water and coffee services and products.

committed to “service perfection”

B.W. Stetson serves the entire South Jersey area with fresh bottled water and coffee products with one mission. Service Perfection. What does this mean? It means that we service every type of business and residence, from small to large with the same commitment. Service Perfection is what has built the B.W. Stetson name and history and is our continued mission as we look forward to the next 60 years. B.W. Stetson has a rich history and a vision for the future. We are moving forward by taking our past and melding it with the present and beyond. The all new B.W. Stetson has not changed its mission of Service Perfection, we are just making it better. Perfection is a tough goal but one we work each and every day to achieve. Whether it is continually making sure our products are the freshest and healthiest on the market or working to improve our delivery and machine maintenance...there is always room for improvement. Service Perfection is an evolving mission and one that we will never stop working to achieve. We believe we have come close and you will see that our commitment to Service Perfection will never stop. In the meantime, you can always count on B.W. Stetson and our quest to not only earn your business, but earn your respect and trust as well. That is Service Perfection!

satisfaction GUARANTEED!

All B.W. Stetson products, services and equipment are guaranteed to be the very best every single time. If you are not 100% satisfied with any B.W. Stetson service or product, you don’t owe us a dime! This may seem like a fast track to lost revenue but we are so confident you will love our fresh water, coffee, supplies and service that we don’t lose any sleep worrying about it. Give us a call and you will see why!

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