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BW Stetson is the leader in South Jersey when it comes to fresh spring water for you, your family and employees. We deliver freshness everyday and take great pride in being your locally owned and operated fresh water supplier. You will taste the difference the moment you make the call.
“Our employees count on fresh water and B.W. Stetson supplies it fast and at a price that makes sense. We could not even imagine going anywhere else!”
Meredith – RX Office Manager

fresh spring water...ahhhhh!

All of B.W. Stetson water is the freshest on the planet. Guaranteed to be fresh and healthy; you, your family and employees will enjoy wetting your whistle all day long. Whether you choose our water cooler dispensers or our bottled water, the most healthy treat awaits your taste buds every time you reach for B.W. Stetson.
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learn all about b.w. stetson bottled water

Our bottled water comes from natural mountain springs in central Pennsylvania and is packaged in both five gallon, three gallon and sixteen ounce bottles. Distilled water is also available.

1. Our five gallon bottles are all equipped with safety closures and handles.They are tamper proof and will not spill on you when you load the cooler

2. Natural spring water is the best tasting bottled drinking water. Better than bottled well water, processed bottled water or tap water.

3. Our Natural spring water is never treated with harsh chemicals or additives, and comes from sandstone springs protected by thousands of acres of land.

4. Natural Spring Water costs no more than those other bottled water products.

5. We offer you this fine product at highly competitive prices.

6. We offer the dispensing equipment you want: hot and cold, cold and room temperature at market rental rates.

7. We offer you the close and faithful attention of the best service organization in the area.

8. Stetson is South Jersey's Complete Bottled Water and Coffee Service Company!

hot or cold?

B.W. Stetson offers a full line of water coolers for you office or home. We install, service and repair all of our coolers and can handle a small residence or a large corporate office building. Our Point of Use Filtration Systems guarantee fresh water...whether you like it ice cold or piping hot!
More About our Coolers

Advantages of B.W. Stetson Filtration Water Coolers

Cost Savings: No Deposits on water bottles.
Space Savings: No space needed to store full or empty water bottles.
Unlimited Water Supply: No waiting for a bottle delivery after periods of heavy usage.
Bottle Quality Water: Everpure filters use 0.5 micron filters rated for chlorine taste and odor, particulate, asbestos and cyst reduction.
No Delivery Worries.
No Physical Liability: No lifting injuries from changing water bottles.
Green Issues: Plastic bottles are piling up in landfills and more private/government agencies are eliminating their use.

the abc’s of water and a healthy you

Water keeps you going!

Water is the healthiest drink on the planet! Our bodies are made up of over 60% water. So, when you drink fresh healthy water throughout the day, you are giving your body what it needs. B.W. Stetson knows this and that is why we promote healthy living by providing our community with the freshest drinking water in the land. We want you to stay healthy and we can share our community with you for many years to come!

healthy makes happy!

When you, your family and employees are healthy and hydrated, everyone is happier. This is a fact and a fact that will result in a better life for all. As an employer, your happy employees make productive employees. At home, healthy children make better grown ups and healthy parents make better children. It is a healthy and happy cycle that B.W. Stetson is proud to promote.


Water is not only is economical. B.W. Stetson spring water will save you, your family and business thousands of dollars compared to carbonated drinks and sodas. Your savings will go far beyond the cost of the water and delivery but also result in lower health care costs and less lost time away from work. It is a win/win when you choose fresh spring water from B.W. Stetson.

right to your door!

B.W. Stetson delivers all of its products to your door when and where you need it. That goes for our water and water coolers as well. Place your order, tell us where you want it and then sit back and enjoy fresh spring water any time you want.

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